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New E-Bikes: SWEB Development supports Keppoch with “green gear”

Photo provided by https://www.thekeppoch.ca/

Halifax-based renewable energy developer and operator SWEB Development (SWEB) has recently strengthened its ties with Keppoch, a non-profit outdoor recreation hub located in Northeastern Nova Scotia. Keppoch is well-known for its extensive network of bike trails, hiking routes, and winter activities such as cross-country skiing.

The collaboration between SWEB and Keppoch aims to further advance the electrification of operations at the recreation hub. SWEB Development has been actively involved in providing assistance for provincial and federal funding programs and offering their in-house expertise to support Keppoch's ongoing development.

As part of this cooperation, SWEB is exploring various opportunities to further improve the eco-friendly operations at Keppoch. One of the initiatives being considered is the installation of an electric vehicle (EV) charging station. This would not only enable visitors to conveniently charge their electric vehicles but also promote sustainable transportation choices.

SWEB and Keppoch's "Positive Action” for the Keppoch society is also initiating a program to offer e-bike rentals. This program involves SWEB sponsoring two electric mountain bikes along with the necessary safety gear. The intention behind this program is to highlight Keppoch's ongoing success as an outdoor recreation center and attract more people to the area. E-bikes provide a fun and eco-friendly way for individuals to explore Keppoch's trails and enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings. The cooperation between SWEB and Keppoch signifies a valuable collaboration between the renewable energy sector and the outdoor recreational industry. By working together, they are not only promoting sustainable practices but also enhancing the overall experience for Keppoch visitors.

Through these joint efforts, SWEB and Keppoch are paving the way for a more sustainable and energy-efficient future. Their approach to combining outdoor recreation and renewable energy will hopefully serve as an inspiration for other organizations to embrace similar initiatives in the future.