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How Wind Energy Works

Electricity generation from wind energy is quite simple. Wind passes over the wind turbine blades and creates lift which causes the blades to move in a clockwise fashion, thus turning the turbine rotor. The rotor is connected to an internal electric generator and the electricity is then delivered to the electricity grid and our homes via electric distribution lines.

Canada's Installed Capacity

As of December 2020, Canada’s total installed capacity of wind energy is approximately 13,588 MW, the equivalent of powering over 3,000,000 homes. For more information on Canada’s wind energy industry, wind energy, and the country’s installed capacity, please visit the Canadian Renewable Energy Association’s website: https://renewablesassociation.ca/

Wind Energy in Nova Scotia 

Nova Scotia currently has 616 MW of installed wind energy capacity, which is spread over more than 300 commercial wind turbines. As part of the Green Choice Program and Rate-base Program, the province is planning to more than double its wind energy capacity over the next four years.

For more information on Nova Scotia’s renewable energy resources, please visit the following websites: