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Project Partners

The project is owned by Glooscap First Nation and SWEB Development, a Nova Scotia-based renewable energy developer and operator.  


Glooscap First Nation

Glooscap First Nation (“GFN”) is located halfway between the towns of Wolfville and Windsor, not far from Blomidon Provincial Park, the ancestral home of Glooscap. While the community of Glooscap was founded in 1984, Mi'kmaq people have lived and traveled these lands for thousands of years. This area was an important hunting ground for our ancestors, who traveled along the natural river systems. The mission of GFN is to maintain a sustainable community through its people, for its people.

The vision of GFN is to strive towards a well-balanced community living according to the seven sacred teachings, committed to the next generations as we work in unity to become a forward thinking, self-sustaining community. The members of GFN honor our past and look towards our future. GFN is a proud First Nation community that strives to make connections with the world around us. GFN is holding a majority in the wind energy project.


SWEB Development LP  

SWEB Energy is a North American subsidiary of W.E.B Group, a community-owned renewable energy developer headquartered in Austria. W.E.B Group has been involved in planning, developing, financing, constructing, and operating renewable energy projects for over 20 years. Currently, W.E.B Group has a total of 523 MW of installed capacity in Austria, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, France, Canada, and the United States. The group develops, constructs, and operates, wind, solar, and small-scale hydroelectric projects with wind energy representing the largest proportion of its projects.

By the nature of the community-ownership of SWEB Energy, the company has extensive experience in community engagement and have worked with local stakeholder groups on projects in Nova Scotia, and across Canada and the northeastern United States. Through the involvement of community members throughout Nova Scotia, SWEB has successfully developed and commissioned three phases of community-owned wind energy projects, totalling 12 projects, 20 WTGs and 39.63 MW of installed capacity under the Community Feed-in Tariff (COMFIT) program. SWEB has also commissioned a 9 MW community-owned wind energy project in Maine, with another 20 MW wind project currently in construction. As well, SWEB Energy’s Wisokolamson Energy Project, an 18 MW wind energy project located West of Riverside-Albert in New Brunswick was developed and constructed through a partnership with Woodstock First Nation as part of a provincial initiative led by New Brunswick Power.